C-Section Recovery Program


 C-Section Recovery Program

According to the CDC in 2010 Cesarean births were done at a rate of nearly 40% in the United States. While many of these c-sections are done for convenience of the provider and failed induction there are occasions when the c-section procedure is needed to safely birth a baby such as, breech or as a medical emergency.


During the cesarean delivery a horizontal incision is made to the lower segment of the uterus which can cause a significant amount of scar tissue and start the front of the uterus adhering to the back of the bladder. This type of scar tissue can cause a restriction of movement and ultimately lessen blood flow to the entire  pelvic area. This can cause secondary fertility challenges.

Our c-section recovery program can help you start to rehabilitate 6 weeks after your surgery. You must have your physicians clearance and no wound gaping, active infection or significant pain at the incision site.

C-Section Recovery is possible with Mercier Therapy. In this video with the amazing Julianna Peña (UFC Fighter) we talk about how she learned about Mercier Therapy through the BIRTHFIT podcast, and how it changed her story. If you are suffering from infertility or C-section recovery, Mercier Therapy can change your life.